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Montgomery Lions Club
International Youth Camp

April 6, 2001

Dear Lions International Youth Camper:

Welcome to the 37th Montgomery Lions Club International Youth Camp. You are taking part in a program that has a very rich heritage and because of its success, will continue for years to come!

The Montgomery Lions Club is proud to join with other Lions Club and Districts throughout the world in sponsoring this program. Please take advantage of the many opportunities to learn more about the United States, its government, customs, and traditions. More importantly, take advantage of learning about the different countries that are represented by young men in this year's camp!

A key to the success of the camp is the Host Families in the cities that you will visit. Each family will extend a warm welcome to you. You will become close friends with many of these families, and we hope you will share your appreciation with them. Without the Host Families, the camp could not be a success.

2187 young men have participated in the previous 36 camps. It is because of their leadership that the camp has been successful. Those who get the most out of this experience put the interest of the group foremost in all activities. Lasting friendships are forged, and better world understanding is achieved!

Because of the previous Camper, we can proudly say, "Welcome to the finest Lions International Camp in the World!"

Most Sincerely,

Charles Brightwell, Chairman
David Kahn, Co-Chairman
Ed Sauls, Co-Chairman
Bill Chandler, Coordinator


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